Outfit Gurus

Let’s find your outfit!

Never know what to wear for that special event? Download Outfit Gurus and receive suggestions from around the globe. Shine like a star in your new trendy outfit combination.

Upload your favourite clothes into your virtual closet. Post on your Outfit Gurus wall when you need advice and let fellow Gurus suggest what to wear, or how to improve the outfit you have in mind.

Need advice on an outfit

Is there an outfit you would like to wear but need some advice? Or would you like a whole new outfit suggestion? Outfit Gurus can help with that.

Get the best advice!

Sit back and let Outfit Gurus to suggest the greatest possible combinations for your upcoming events.

Give advice

Anyone can be a fashion Advisor! Have a scroll through the Outfit Gurus wall and suggest outfits you like or give advice on a whole new outfit.

Upload and manage your closet

Simply make a picture of your individual clothes and upload them into your virtual closet. The clothes are separated into categories giving a wonderfully organized overview.

Wore It!

Give advice and collect Wore Its. Depending on how many Wore Its you have either a bronze, silver or gold star will feature by your name. Make enough recommendation and you may even get a diamond.

About Outfit Gurus

Avoid wasting time in front of your closet and feeling the creeping frustration of wardrobe. Download Outfit Gurus and relax as peers around the world help you on your mission to be the best dressed person around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Outfit Gurus work?

Upload your favourite clothes into your virtual closet, specify when and where you are going for the event and post it. The other users will be able to advise you on an outfit you have already chosen or scan through your closet and suggest a completely new combination.

Can anyone see my clothes?

Yes, your closet can be scanned by anyone after you have posted a request for advice.

How can I get advice for an outfit?

On the top right of the Need Advice tab of the App, you can include your event and location. In addition you will also be able to upload an outfit which you were thinking about wearing and get advice for it. Post it on the wall and let the advice flow in.

Can I delete clothes from my closet?

Yes, it is possible to delete and upload clothes into your closet as and when you like.

Can I write messages to other people?

No, it is not possible to write personalized messages to people, however when an outfit you have chosen for another user is worn you will receive a confirmation message from that user.

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